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Dear Editor,

The Governor recently appointed four people to the WV Public Energy Authority. Who are up for Senate approval at a special session this week. Three have strong ties to the fossil fuel industry, all are Caucasian, and all are men. The people of WV deserve and need for this and other state funded boards and authorities to represent all Mountaineers more fully.

With solar as the fastest growing segment of electric production, from single residences to the tremendous solar farm of a quarter million panels getting built in Raleigh County, the Energy Authority needs forward thinkers.

The Governor’s office stated: “Additionally, the authority will assist in developing the next generation of coal plants and long-term energy policies that use all of West Virginia’s resources.” Will people with ties to coal, oil and gas be informed and willing to develop solar, wind and geothermal energy resources to promote jobs, slow the pace of global warming and help transition workers into these fields?

You can share your thoughts on these appointments with the Governor’s office and your Senator and Delegates. You can learn more about solar energy at WV Solar United Neighbors

Respectfully yours,

Larry Levine, Lewisburg

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