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New Faces At SCHS



When Summers County students in grades 6-12 returned to school on August 23 they saw the faces of the familiar and unfamiliar.

Summers County High School and Summers Middle School have merged into one school — Summers County Comprehensive High School, 6-12. Since two principals moved to other schools in the county or took different positions two new assistant principals were hired.

Daniel “Al” Hudgins will still serve as the head principal. Hudgins will oversee the work of the three assistant principals.

“I am extremely pleased with the assistant principals that will be on staff at Summers County High this year,” said Hudgins

Chris Vicars, who was an assistant principal for Summers Middle School, will serve as one of three assistant principals at the Summers County 6-12 High School.

“Although Mr. Vicars has served as assistant principal at SMS for several years, I am excited to have the opportunity to work with him at SCHS. He is consistent, dependable, and fair. His knowledge of the community and compassion for the youth of Summers County makes him a strong part of helping make our school one of the best high schools in southern West Virginia.” said Hudgins about Vicars.

Stephanie Cochran has been hired as one of the new assistant principals.Todd Lusk will serve as the other new assistant principal. Both individuals are new to Summers County.

“Mrs. Cochran has a vast knowledge of Special Education and has over 20 years of experience as an educator. She will be responsible for special education and child Nutrition at the school. She has strong ties to Summers County and her mother served as head cook at SCHS in the early 2000’s.

Mr. Lusk grew up in southern WV and was a graduate of Oceana High School. Later he attended Concord College. He has been an athletic director and assistant principal for five plus years in Virginia. He will be responsible for 10-12 discipline, 6-12 attendance and athletics. His experience, positive attitude, and leadership are a welcomed surprise, and I am very fortunate to have him as part of my administrative team.” said Hudgins about Cochran and Lusk.

Join us in welcoming Mrs. Cochran and Mr. Lusk to our community.”

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