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Local Author, Cheryl Kula, Published In Pandemic Anthology



Credit: Cheryl Kula/LinkedIn

Hinton, WV (November, 2020) — It’s been more than eight months since a global pandemic shattered our world. Perhaps for the first time in history, people from every continent are experiencing the same emotions — fear, anger, sadness, anxiety. How are they coping? What are they learning? How have they changed?

Writers and artists of every age from six continents have contributed original art, photography, poems, essays, fiction and scripts to create “In the Midst,” a COVID-19 Anthology. The works reflect a common humanity beyond age, ethnicity or location — the raw emotion of being “In the Midst” of a global pandemic with no end in sight is universal — and captured here to share with the world.

People are suffering in so many ways from this unprecedented situation. But the pages of this anthology carry much more than tears. They also show the resilience of the human spirit. Some offer encouragement. Some ways of coping — especially creative ways, such as taking up new hobbies.

Others find humor in hair, the quest for toilet paper and the mandate to “wash your hands.” Some describe new skills or practices that have improved their lives—things they will retain long after the pandemic is over. And many show appreciation to the ones who’ve sacrificed to keep the world moving.

Local writer, Cheryl Kula, has been published in this anthology. Her essay, “The Hoarder,” appears among the 100 selected entries. The anthology was sponsored and coordinated by Inspiration for Writers, Inc.

“I’ve always said that when you share your art or your writing, you share your soul,” says editor and Inspiration for Writers, Inc CEO Sandy Tritt. “I hope you are as touched as I have been by these honest, from-the-gut reactions while still in the midst of this historic pandemic. Hopefully, we’ll see our way out of this soon, and this anthology will become a collection to help future generations understand what it was like to endure separation from friends and family, shutdowns of schools, churches and ‘non-essential’ businesses and, of course, the fear and suffering caused by illness and death.”

Copies are available from Amazon (ASIN B08NX43Y4L for the Black and White interior or B08NX6Q2Q1 for the full color version) or contact editor, Sandy Tritt, at IFWeditors@gmail.com.

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